Join Keenen and Jessica as they wait in line for whatever product Apple hasn’t announced yet. Setting up camp outside Apple’s flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York City, they will first await the October 4th announcement of the product in question, and continue to wait until that product is released. For the duration of their wait, you can follow them on this blog, as well as on Facebook, and interact via AIM and Skype. Will the elusive iPhone 5 be revealed, as many are hoping? Nobody knows, but they will be the first in line for whatever product it is, and live blogging the whole experience.

Keenen is 21 years old, a native New Yorker residing in Queens, and loves all things Apple. Known for his tendency towards random and spontaneous schemes, he camped out for 3 days during the iPhone 4 release, and was 12th in line. This year, he wanted to one-up himself and extend the camping trip, securing the first spot in line.

Jessica is a 26 year old transplant from PA, now living in Manhattan with two human roommates, as well as a cat, a giant rabbit, and a redfoot tortoise. She has the best spork collection in the world (unless you can prove her wrong). She is a freelance promoter, face and body painter, and bodypaint model. A current Android user (after both her iPhone 3GS and her iPhone 4 were stolen), she’s ready to camp out and make the switch back to Apple, and to have fun with the whole experience.

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