I feel like what I think a pregnant woman would feel like.

Having been out here for 12 days so far, I’ve been craving every meal I can’t have. With that said, I’ve somehow been eating more than Jessica and Hans combined. I can’t imagine what it must like to live in a rural town with only so many food options at your reach. On the other hand Seamless is still pretty awesome, and though they bring verything to me, as a vegan, Midtown doesn’t host the best delivery selections. Even the options you wouldn’t think are vegan aren’t here in Midtown.  I’d really like a veggie pizza from Papa John’s, or maybe even a flat bread veggie from Domino’s, but they don’t exist within delivery distance. Recently, I’ve been living on the Johnny Rockets Streamliner, nori rolls and soba salad from Go Sushi, and veggie dumplings from the ING cafe. They’re not bad options, it’s just I want something more. I could use some pancakes from Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch, or a nice shrimp tempura roll from Soy and Sake, and maybe the pulled pork sandwich from Red Bamboo. Don’t get me started on Foodswings. I’ll probably put on 30 or so pounds after this whole thing.

And now for some food porn.

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