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4 Sq. – It’s so much easy to be a stalker these days

I really don’t understand the whole fuss about foursquare, but for this venture we’ve been checking in constantly. I generally don’t publicize my location frequently, but I feel that everyone knows where we are already. Also, apparently we are really close to becoming the mayor of this store and that just sounds cool. I wonder if that’ll mean we can line up whenever we want from then on. One can dream, right?

Our Ford Escape Smelled Like Cheetos

Jess forgot to add that. I think it may have just been feet though.

It’s cold.

It's cold.

False Alarm

Jessica and I have been in line for about 7 hours so far. About 15 minutes ago a really nice police officer approached us and mentioned that building management didn’t want us to be there. Our original location was by FAO Schwarz, but now we’ve been relocated to the curb on the south side of the cube.

Please visit us. We need your support, and will most likely be moving again when the vendors get here. I think we may be in their spots.

Our View From The Line

I think we’re too late.

We arrived at the Apple Store today at 1:00AM ET. Not much is going on, but everyone who passes by thinks we’re nuts – we don’t blame them. Check in for more blog updates later, and we’ll be tweeting constantly.

First in line!

Up all night and I’ve packed nothing!

There are piles of stuff everywhere, and nothing has gone into my suitcase yet. Does anyone else think that packing for an indefinite amount of time is the hardest thing ever? I know I do. I have not the slightest idea how many underwear, socks, shirts, pairs of pants, jackets, bow ties, suspenders, etc. I will need. I also constantly question whether or not Amazon will deliver any of those items directly to the line, should I decide to pack light and happen to need them. Also, there is the fact I know I’ll forget things. Im sure I’ll be running off to Whole Foods right before we queue up to grab toiletries, because I always forget them as if they’re not important. Of course they aren’t usually something you plan on packing if you’re going to lodge somewhere.

I just want to go to sleep!

We now have 25 fans on Facebook!

Thanks to all of our good friends supporting us on Facebook. We’re also on Twitter with more frequent updates, so if you want up to the minute updates, follow us there!

“Whatever is Next to Come”

If you are here, you probably already know what this blog is about, but if not, my friend Jessica and I are currently preparing to begin our long journey queued in line at the Apple Store, Fifth Avenue for the yet to be announced Apple iDevice. Whatever it may be, we have no idea what is being released and when, but we want it and would like to be one of the first to get our grubby little hands on it.

Beginning Monday, September 26th, Jessica and I will begin the line at the 5th Avenue Apple Store and remain there until the next Apple release is made. Of course everyone and their grandmother is hoping for a fifth generation iPhone, but we don’t care what it’s called or what features it has, we’re getting it. Over the next couple of weeks, we will constantly live blog from the line to let you guys know how we’re doing.

Wish us luck!

Jess and I

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